What We See As Time A Differential Equation?

Time Speeding Up-Relative Effects:  Remember when you were young, and a day seemed so long, the 6 weeks of summer just went on forever and ever, time stood still. As a late teen, even now, it seems that this year has gone much faster than last year which went faster than the year before and so on.

Talk to somebody who is in their 70’s, they will tell you that time just flies by. Notice that when they relate to events just ‘5 years ago’ they are likely always to be more distant than that. It seems like there impression of time is very fast. Remembering what 5 years seemed to them when they were younger, this often results in them underestimating the time passed since events have happened.

Putting This Together: It appears that the rate time passes increases with age, or rather the persons impression of it. Our impression of time seems to accelerate, or rather, the change in events as time is the rate in change of events in x,y,z.

Could This Be Valid:


A being our age

X being our impression of 1 year(difficult to quantify)

k being a constant.

Saying: The rate in change of our age to our perception of time increases with age. Time seems to ‘speed up’ or ‘accelerate’ as a function of our age already. This is an issue which will have an interesting solution in the future, as I am sure the relativistic effect exists here. Finding out why this happens is a very difficult challenge, as it took me time to think about the derivative of time, what unit can it be, what is it?


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