Ask a question

If you’re stuck with an Economics related problem, need moral support with exams/university applications or even jobhunts feel free to contact.




Also please find me on LinkedIn


I should respond within a few days, and see what I can come up with. If it’s just someone to speak to than that’s ok. I will let you know direct if I can/cannot answer or help with your issue, but you will get an answer!


You’ll probably get better responses with: Economics A level problems/queries, moral support for university applications and job applications.

Also Undergraduate/Postgraduate Economics queries/problems I could help with but this depends on whether I’ve covered the area at university (as you don’t study EVERYTHING at uni level, that’s insane..)



You’ll get no help with: Long, exhausting debates relating to things like governments or economic systems, or mad questions you hear on the news like ‘do you think expect interest rates to rise within the coming 6 months?’ or ‘what do you expect the main drivers of African GDP to be in the next 10 years?’. This isn’t the Bank of England, an Economics team at JP Morgan or a government counsel (pretty cool if it was): I don’t bloomin know..







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